The Stakeholder Committee

The Stakeholder Committee is one of two (also see Scientific Advisory Board) expert advisory bodies  of the GRANteD project. It is composed of 8 to 10 experts representing relevant stakeholders in the field of research funding and research performing. As an advisory body the stakeholder committee will be invited to discuss, reflect and comment on activities and results of the project.
The Stakeholder Committee members are the following:

RFOs in focus in the GRANteD project:

  • Eva Wysocki, FWF
  • Jadwiga Spyrka, NCN
  • Benjamin Lant, SFI
  • Nevra Biltekin, SRC
  • Lisbeth Soderqvist, SRC
  • Stanislav Mydlo, SRDA
  • Veronika Cibirova, SRDA

Other RFOs:

Umbrella organisations:

The Stakeholder Committee will be expanded continuously over the course of the project.