February 24th 2020, 09:30-17:30

Sensengasse 1, Haus der Forschung, 1090 Vienna

Granted Conference Program Flyer


9:30 Arrival

10:00 Opening address: Klement Tockner, president FWF
Welcome: Wolfgang Polt, JOANNEUM RESEARCH
10:15 Introduction: ┬╗The GRANteD Project: How gender bias in research funding is analysed┬ź, Helene Schiffb├Ąnker, JOANNEUM RESEARCH, Coordinator
┬╗Studying gender bias in grant allocations: the ERC case┬ź
Peter van den Besselaar, TMC

11:00 Coffee Break

11:15 Keynote 1: ┬╗ Experimental approach: Using lottery in allocating funding ┬ź
Ulrike Bischler, VW Foundation
12:00 Elevator Pitches: Alternative approaches for allocating grants (FWF, NWO)
12:10 World Cafe 1: Selection process ÔÇô peer review

13:30 Lunch Break

14:30 Keynote 2: ┬╗ Academics as superheroes: How the exceptionally masculine occupational stereotype in academia affects women (and men) ┬ź
Ruth van Veelen, Utrecht University

15:20 Coffee Break

15:45 Elevator Pitches: Existing tools for addressing gender bias
(FFG, Vienna Business Agency, Utrecht University)
16:00 World Cafe 2: Gender bias in peer review processes
17:15 Wrap up & Outlook

17:30 Networking ÔÇô Snacks & Refreshments