The final GRANteD Stakeholder Conference took place in Vienna on the 19th and 20th of October 2023. In this Video you see the introduction to the conference. The conference has been opened by the project leader Michael Ploder and Helene Schiffbänker from Joanneum Research. It includes a welcome message from Anne Pépin from the European Commission, a short introduction to the GRANteD project and Video messages from the 5 RFOs, which where the core of the project.

Our Facilitators

  • Suzanne de Cheveign√©

I have spent most of my career as a full-time researcher in the French CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research, first as a condensed-matter physicist then moving to the sociology of the relations between Science and Society. I have worked on such issues as media coverage of science and its reception by audiences and scientists’ relation with the media, focussing progressively on biotechnology then environmental issues including energy poverty. I have also analysed gender and science issues.

At present, in my emeritus position, I also devote time to a French NGO, Compagnons B√Ętisseurs, active on poor-quality housing issues (including energy poverty), as chair of the national umbrella organisation. Among other things, this allows me to observe and support the collaboration between scientists and civil society organisations.

I have been a partner of several European Commission projects and also an outside advisor. I have a long experience of evaluating or reviewing individual projects (FP5 to H2020). I have taken part in the evaluation of several framework programs both as a member of the expert groups and as chair. I have been member or chair of other EC expert groups and member (and at one point rapporteur) of three Work-program Advisory Groups under H2020.

  • Carl Jacobsson

Carl Jacobsson, PhD, was a Senior Advisor at Swedish Research Council 2014-2022, working e.g., with the ERA-Net Co-Fund cooperations GENDER-Net Plus and GENDER-Net. Also, he was one of the Swedish members of the ERAC Standing Working Group on Gender in Research and Innovation 2018-2021 and one of the Swedish Statistical correspondents to the SHE FIGURES 2015 and 2018.

He was director of the Department of Research Policy Analysis at Swedish Research Council 2001-2014, which carried out analyses of research funding, research personnel and research output, (e.g. bibliometric analyses with the entire data from the Web of Science database delivered by Clarivate) as well as research evaluations, analyses of research policy and of gender equality questions (both quantitative analyses of applications for funding, success rates etc. and observation studies of peer review groups).

He was a member of the EU Expert Group on Gender and Excellence (2008) and of the EU Expert Group on Women in Science Decision Making (2007).

He was ombudsman at the Swedish Association of University Teachers and Researchers 1998-2001, and he was Special Advisor at the Swedish Ministry of Education 1995-1997. His background is in mathematics; he was associate professor at Stockholm University 1983-1995.