The blog posts published on this site are personal reflections of the project partners regarding different topics related to the GRANteD project or to its wider context. Opinions expressed here, therefore solely present the individual and diverse views of the project partners and not the official line of the consortium. Enjoy reading them!

Blogpost 10: RFOs as Learning Organisations: building communities and capacities

by Helen Peterson (Örebro University), Liisa Husu (Örebro University), Helene SchiffbĂ€nker (Joanneum Research), Angelika Sauer (Joanneum Research), Florian Holzinger (Joanneum Research) – Posted on November 17th 2023

Blogpost 9: Are there gender differences in the number of research proposals submitted?

by Torger Möller (German Centre for Higher Education Research and Science Studies (DZHW), Berlin) – Posted on August 08th 2023

Blogpost 8: The making of a professor: a multi-register large-scale survival analysis of gender disparities in medical science and natural science

by Ulf Sandström (Forskningspolitik) – Posted on October 10th 2022

Blogpost 7: Using co-creation to study gender fair grant allocation

by Helene SchiffbĂ€nker (JOANNEUM RESEARCH) – Posted on February 24th 2022

Blogpost 6: COVID-19 and Gender in Research Funding: Implications for a Fair and Non-Biased Process

by Helen Peterson (Örebro University), Liisa Husu (Örebro University), Helene SchiffbĂ€nker (JOANNEUM RESEARCH), Angelika Sauer (JOANNEUM RESEARCH) – Posted on September 21st 2021

Blogpost 5: Gender disparities in research funding, bias and equality policies: the need for new evidence

by Laura Cruz-Castro and Luis Sanz-MenĂ©ndez (CSIC Institute of Public Goods and Policies) – Posted on June 29th 2021

Blogpost 4: Grant Allocation and Panel Behavior: Between Universalism and Particularism

by Ulf Sandström (Forskningspolitik) – Posted on April 14th 2021

Blogpost 3: What the Figures don’t tell you – Using Qualitative Methods for Analyzing Potential Bias in Research Funding

by Marlene Hock (JOANNEUM RESEARCH) – Posted on October 21st 2020

Blogpost 2: Bittersweet Emotions – Replicating WennerĂ„s and Wold

by Ulf Sandström (Forskningspolitik) and Peter van den Besselaar (Teresa Mom Consultancy) – Posted on January 31st 2020

Blogpost 1: The Gender Gap in Research Funding: Success Rate Differences between Men & Women 

by Florian Holzinger (JOANNEUM RESEARCH) – Posted on October 23rd 2019