Blogpost 4: Grant Allocation and Panel Behavior: Between Universalism and Particularism

by Ulf Sandström (Forskningspolitik) – Posted on April 14th 2021

Blogpost 3: What the Figures don’t tell you – Using Qualitative Methods for Analyzing Potential Bias in Research Funding

by Marlene Hock (JOANNEUM RESEARCH) – Posted on October 21st 2020

Blogpost 2: Bittersweet Emotions – Replicating Wennerås and Wold

by Ulf Sandström (Forskningspolitik) and Peter van den Besselaar (Teresa Mom Consultancy) – Posted on January 31st 2020

Blogpost 1: The Gender Gap in Research Funding: Success Rate Differences between Men & Women 

by Florian Holzinger (JOANNEUM RESEARCH) – Posted on October 23rd 2019